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Team of IT experts

Whole Team of Experts

At your disposal is our very experienced team of IT experts! With us you get partners. Your urgent issues won’t have to wait before someone serves several other sites before you. We won’t postpone your project just because someone is sick or has something better to do! Because we are professional team, we guarantee quickest and most professional response in the industry - or you don’t have to pay! (though, some working hours rules apply)

Web development

Complete Stack in crucial IT areas

Our experts cover diverse IT branches and technologies - from seasoned Web Developers in various programming languages (PHP mostly covered, but not the only one) who daily develop WordPress and PHP related software, web-server System Administrators, who work every day with hundreds of users and websites, and web security specialists - all that you won’t find in a single person

Broad Experience in Wordpress, PHP development, WEB servers

Wide range of Experience

Our team works every day on WordPress! or other PHP development project, managing web servers, or making security consulting, audits and “cleanups”; many of us are doing it professionally for more than 15 years, gathering tremendous and invaluable in-depth experience in the complete web application ecosystem

Support WordPress movement

We support WordPress for a long time

Although our professionals have the longest and biggest experience with Joomla, we also work with WordPress on a daily basis on a lot of hosting servers that we manage. After all, we are PHP specialists! The internals of “what makes WordPress tick” are well known to us, so we are able to fix your WP problems quickly and efficiently.

Open Source movement

We support Open-Source movement and return back every day

All our tools and software are written open-source, and most of them are provided free of the charge back to the community. We are not one of those who will hide their code and make you pay for everything. That is not an free libre open-source spirit, which we try to promote

International security organizations

Members of international Web Security organisations

(eg. OWASP www.owasp.org), we regularly participate with lectures in regional security symposiums (FSEC - fsec.foi.hr) and committed to cooperation with many world experts in web security field and the university departments for information systems security


    Bernard ToplakBernard Toplak

    Bernard T.

    Longtime Open-Source and web security enthusiast

    He lectures PHP web development on a local branch of region’s biggest open university. In spare time, when not running his business or teaching, he is actively developing open-source security tools for various PHP apps, one of them being well established JAMSS anti-malware script. An OWASP member and an active Joomla VEL Team member

    Mihael MagdićMihael Magdić

    Mihael M.

    Our PHP customization Master

    Mihael has also a Masters Degree in Informatics Science; having over 6 years of experience in managing PHP websites, of all sizes and colors, and tweaking them to do the most for the end user. He is most experienced in Joomla CMS, working with it close to a decade. He contributes regularly to Croatian Joomla support forum


    Ivica Đ.

    Our server system administrator

    Specializes for server management and tuning tasks, both Linux and Windows-based; he has a good knowledge of the PHP programming and concepts, and a networking Cisco CCNA degree - which makes him excelent server-side security engineer who can grasp all the PHP site problems down to the deep server/network level.


    Filip L.

    Our Linux system guru

    With his more than a decade experience with various Linux systems, Filip is our Linux guru; his very good knowledge about internals of *NIX, filesystems, caching, clustering, HA and HTTP/DB/mail/DNS web-server technologies ensures all our clients get the best analysis even on high level incidents, where also the whole server could be compromised.


    Luka J.

    PHP enthusisast

    He enjoys programming in PHP/JS, and always strives to learn more; Luka is building PHP and JS based websites for several years now, rapidly gaining new knowledge and valuable experience; lately Luka is setting special attention to PHP security aspects and contributes to our project's cause


    Renato K.

    Our HTML and CSS guru

    A guy with big knowledge of graphics, HTML, CSSm and various CMS apps like Joomla. Renato is building great websites and PHP applications, started as casual webadmin, and over time he invested most of his time and effort to gain a huge knowledge and experience.

The key difference to other companies or individual professionals is that ORION offers a 100% complete service for web - all the web development, web consulting, system administration & management, and web-security services are offered at the same time


We take security seriously

…and specially your security, dear visitor! Starting with your visit to our website, you are right now browsing our website using encrypted HTTPS connection using best TLS algorithms available! Also, we don’t want to store any of your passwords, nor do we want to know it! You DON’T have to register on our website, and you don’t have to give your password to yet another website with “who-knows-how-good security” which can eventually leak your password anywhere. Yes, you guessed well, you can use your existing passwords for most prominent web portals. We don’t save your password because we don’t ask for your password, we don’t need it - so much how we care about your security!

Who are our prospect clients ?

  • personal WordPress website owners
  • professional WordPress website owners
  • web designers and web studios
  • web developer individuals and companies
  • hosting and server management providers

What can we help You with ?

  • WordPress Malware removal
  • WordPress upgrade, audit and hardening
  • WordPress Security hardening
  • WordPress Security audit
  • WordPress Extension Security Audit
  • WordPress optimization and tuning
  • Server Services optimization (http/mail/db/dns/ftp …)
  • WordPress online trainings
  • Web Security online trainings
  • and more coming soon



Hacked CMS cleanup + Concise Report


Advanced CMS scanning & cleanup + CMS Security Status Audit + Detailed Report


CMS Security Audit of the CMS


CMS Update


CMS Update + Security Audit


Any other special request

just contact us

CMS Security Package for 1 website (monthly)

  • regular managed CMS updates
  • regular managed extension updates
  • regular security scans

CMS Security Package for 1 website (yearly)

  • regular managed CMS updates
  • regular managed extension updates
  • regular security scans
  • free infected CMS cleanup

Warranty: we guarantee that website won't be hacked again if
client strictly follows and implements all suggested steps
mentioned in our final report.